Question: Do you think a politician’s personal life should be a factor in deciding whether or not they’re fit to hold office?

(from left to right)

“I don’t think it should be a factor, because it doesn’t tell how they’ll lead or how they’ll run a city, or country or whatever. So it doesn’t really make sense to judge them by it.”
Zach Simon
Third-year, Porter
Biochemistry, Molecular biology & Theater arts

“Yeah, I think it is important, because someone’s personal life says a lot about their ethics and their moral values when it comes to something like that. So if they’re not morally ethical in their personal life, I wouldn’t trust someone to run my country.”
Silvia Sanchez
Fifth-year, Stevenson

“Yes I do — I think it should be. I mean, if they’re a politician, they’re going to be working with things. Personal life always does end up affecting things in the long run, and it’s an important part of a person.”
Maureen Argo
First-year, Stevenson
Psychology & Linguistics

“Definitely not. Unless, so long as it’s legal and lawful, but I mean, not like the moral aspects of their private life — that should not affect anything.”
Johan Brandter
Graduate exchange student from Sweden
Linguistics researcher