Following the UC’s commitment to enroll 10,000 more students over the next three years, UC Santa Cruz admits over 22,300 California freshmen for fall 2016, 4,700 more than last year.

The UC office of admissions expects 4,305 freshmen, 3,805 of which are California residents, to accept the offer and enroll in fall 2016. The office also plans for 1,144 transfer students, with 1,094 coming from in-state. The expected freshman class will have 650 more students than last year.

After coming under fire for prioritizing out-of-state students, the UC mandated its campuses to increase enrollment with an emphasis on in-state students. The in-state student rate increased by 27 percent for this fall compared to last year.

In fall 2015, 4.8 percent of the UCSC freshman class were out-of-state students, but the admit rate for nonresident freshmen was 83.9 percent compared to the average UCSC admission rate of about 50 percent.

UCSC is looking to accommodate the influx of students by hiring additional professors and adjusting class times.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.