Ray Inoue. Photo by Casey Amaral
SUA President Ray Inoue. Photo by Casey Amaral

Ray Inoue, President of the Student Union Assembly (SUA), will resign from his position by the end of the fall quarter.

“It became clear to me that there were fundamental cracks and shifting tides in our organization that limited the ability of our organization to flourish,” Inoue said in a letter to the student body. “I then realized that I am not the person who is able to fix that.”

According to the SUA Constitution, the Internal Vice President (IVP) shall assume the role of president if they accept the position. If the IVP does not wish to become president, the External Vice President (EVP) becomes the president. If neither the IVP or EVP wish to become president, the duties fall to the IVP, Grace Shefcik, while the SUA body begins a selection process for a new president.

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