Amid pressure from the UC-wide campus community, Regent Norman Pattiz submitted a letter of resignation to the UC Board of Regents on Dec. 28.

UC students, Student Regent Paul Monge and the UC Student Association first called for Pattiz’s resignation in November 2016. Pattiz was allegedly recorded asking Heather McDonald, a Los Angeles-based comedian, if he could hold her breasts at the PodcastOne Studio in LA. At the time of the incident McDonald was filming a bra commercial. She has since left PodcastOne and released the recording.

After the alleged incident Pattiz issued an apology, but continued to sit on the board for over a year. The Board of Regents also unanimously passed new policy that regents must abide by sexual harassment and ethical policy of the Board of Regents in non-regent related business.

Pattiz’s resignation letter, addressed to chairman George Kieffer, states he accepted the second term to allot time to transition responsibilities to other regents. His last day will be Feb. 16. Pattiz said to the Los Angeles Times that he is not resigning due to McDonald’s allegations, but rather to spend time traveling.

“For months now, students have been steadfast in arguing that Regent Pattiz’s continued presence on the board is inconsistent with the UC’s commitment to addressing the culture of sexual harassment and sexual violence on our campuses,” said Student Regent Paul Monge in an email.