T.M. Robinson-Mosley was chosen to be the interim associate vice chancellor for student engagement and development and interim Dean of Students (DOS) in January 2018. Robinson-Mosley will oversee the Dean of Students Office, a branch of the Division of Student Success that provides extracurricular programs meant to promote leadership development and cultural competency.

“I am delighted to join the UC Santa Cruz campus community,” Robinson-Mosley said in a university news release. “I am most excited about partnering with students, faculty and staff to ensure students’ safety and well-being, while working with colleagues across campus to provide students with meaningful experiences, inside and outside of the classroom.”

Robinson-Mosley obtained her masters in mental health counseling at Louisiana State University, where she was also an academic counselor for the school’s athletics program. She also obtained a doctorate in counseling and psychological services from Georgia State University.

Since then, Robinson-Mosley served at multiple higher education institutions in many different positions, mostly relating to counseling and therapy. In 2014, she founded Mosley and Associates Consulting, a counseling service for both individuals and organizations for various purposes such as career or emotional empowerment. She is currently a managing partner for the company.

As the interim DOS, Robinson-Mosley is responsible for a $5 million budget. Her job involves organizing programs with the goal of creating a healthy campus environment. She serves as a liaison between student spaces such as Student Organization Advising Resources, Student Media, Cultural Arts & Diversity (SOMeCA) and the administration, and assesses campus climate around issues of hate and bias. She is also tasked with ensuring UCSC’s compliance with UC system-wide nondiscrimination policies and laws.

When previous interim DOS Lucy Rojas stepped down from the position in fall 2017, the Division of Student Success had to find a replacement while they continued to look for a permanent dean. Robinson-Mosley is the second consecutive interim dean of students to fill the position.

Rojas already held the position of assistant DOS in the division of student success, and has since moved into a new position in the division. Currently, there are vacancies in the assistant DOS and student conduct officer positions. It remains unclear how the DOS Office’s ongoing search for these positions and a permanent dean will conclude.