After four months serving as the Vice President of Internal Affairs (VPIA), UC Santa Cruz third-year Keshav Kumar resigned on Oct. 3 from the Student Union Assembly (SUA). Six days later the SUA announced an open vacancy in their officer core through the Dean of Students.

“I think that after so many years of public service to a student body, I finally got to a point where I woke up in the morning — and it was still the first thing that I thought about, my responsibilities as the VPIA — but the excitement had almost completely run out,” Kumar said.

Kumar does not plan to release a public statement about his resignation so as to not draw attention away from the events and initiatives SUA is planning this year.

His departure was not a result of tension between him and other SUA officers — although they all shared diverse political beliefs and perspectives, they were able to put their differences aside and work together, Kumar said.

In August, Kumar publicly signed an argument against Measure M with Santa Cruz Together, a campaign that opposes rent control, including his SUA position. Signing the argument with his SUA title was in direct violation of the SUA constitution, as it would require the Assembly to overturn its previous endorsement of Measure M. This sparked debates over Kumar’s position as a representative for the student body and some called for him to resign.

Despite this, SUA shared similar sentiments to Kumar, emphasizing that while Kumar was in office, the team was harmonious.

“The SUA feels very strongly about Keshav’s leave, but we do know that he did it for personal reasons and for that we wish him the best,” said SUA President Ayo Banjo.

The position of VPIA will be publicly advertised for two weeks before candidates are selected for interviews. Although the UCSC student body will be able to see who is running for the position, the decision on the new VPIA will be made by SUA officers in a closed voting session within the next two months.