The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 3299 and the UC sat down to negotiate a fair contract on Oct. 15. 

According to AFSCME 3299, the UC didn’t propose any offers to move toward a new contract. 

In past negotiations, the UC agreed to no emergency layoffs and wage increases. AFSCME Local 3299 is arguing that to ensure a fair contract the UC must end outsourcing, add protections for vulnerable members and strengthen language on hiring, retention and training in their contracts. 

“Instead of giving us real proposals on addressing our core issues, UC came in to give us a lecture on why we should accept their ‘generous’ proposals,” said an official AFSCME Local 3299 newsletter on Oct. 16. 

The UC argues that it has done its part by offering multiple fair proposals. Past proposals have guaranteed employees competitive pay with multi-year raises as well as pension benefits, which are not available from most employers, said UC Office of the President Associate Director of Media Relations, Andrew Gordon, in an email.

“UC is working hard at the bargaining table to reach a fair contract for our hardworking employees, but an agreement requires compromise from both sides,” Gordon said in an email. “It’s about time AFSCME leaders do their part.”

AFSCME Local 3299 is planning a Day of Action across the UC campuses on Nov. 13. UC Santa Cruz’s will be held outside the Bay Tree Bookstore. 

“We’ve seen the same old tricks from the UC before,” said the AFSCME Local 3299 newsletter. “They said they wouldn’t move on the pension, but they moved because of our pressure. It’s time to keep the pressure on!”