Campus elections are open until 11:59 p.m. May 20.

Measure 74 — Sustainability Office Fee Amendment

Students voted to fund the Sustainability Office in 2010 under Measure 45, which is scheduled to sunset in 2020. Measure 74 would extend this date to 2030. Funding for the Sustainability Office goes toward payroll, professional development opportunities and support for student staff. Learn more about the Sustainability Office here or read the full referendum language here.

YES — The quarterly fee of $2.75 will increase to $3, with an additional increase of $0.14 every fiscal year.

NO — The current fee will sunset.

Measure 75 — Student Success Hub Fee

This new campus fee would fund the Student Success Hub as part of the Kresge College Renewal Project, securing permanent spaces for student programs including Slug Support, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and campus recovery space The Cove. Fee collection would only be implemented once the new building is ready for occupancy, expected to be fall 2024. Learn more about the Student Success Hub here or read the full referendum language here.

YES A new quarterly fee of $25 will be established upon completion of the building.

NO There will be no new quarterly fee.

Opinion Poll — KZSC

The campus public radio station, KZSC, is polling the student body for a potential future ballot measure. This measure would be a new quarterly fee of $3.50, which would be used to support pre-professional media experience for students and expand KZSC’s role on campus and in the Santa Cruz community. A “yes” vote in the poll supports a measure for this fee. Learn more about KZSC here.