Hannah Goodwin is a second year and double major in Theater Arts and History of Art and Visual Culture. In the group she plays the guitar. Fun fact: Hannah is listening well to a specific note on the piano used to be associated with elephants or pink lemonade.

Bev Steele is a second year and majoring in Theater Arts. She is the lead vocalist. Fun fact: She once partied in a gay bar with YouTuber Tyler Oakley.

Nina Maravic is a second year Film and Digital Studies major. She’s the lead guitarist, and sometimes plays the drums, but mainly guitar. Fun fact: She is from Europe and can speak two languages.

Sis Leonardo is a third year majoring in Sociology, and she plays the bass. Fun fact: She has synesthesia.

Sabine Hovnanian is a second year majoring in Sociology with a minor in Electronic Music. They are the lead drummer, play guitar and have sung. Fun fact: They also have synesthesia.

You won’t find a car or tools in the garage of UC Santa Cruz students and housemates Sabine Hovnanian, Nina Maravic, and Sis Leonardo. Instead, you’ll find scattered and unplugged amplifiers, a drum set, and their bandmates Hannah Goodwin and Bev Steel. The garage — nicknamed the “Slut Hole” — serves as the practice room for femme UCSC student cover band Sluttony. 

“Essentially, I see making music with a group of like-minded femme folks as an opportunity to remind myself that I’m worthy, desirable, and magnetic because of who I am internally,” said lead vocalist Steel. “We have created a safe space that reinforces vulnerability in our artistry, and manages to feel free from the constant voyeurism in a male-dominated society.” 

The group of femme UCSC students decided to start a band at a friend’s house, when they were surprised to find out that they all play rock instruments. After deciding to have a jam session in Maravic’s garage, the group brainstormed a list of potential names, landing on “Sluttony.” 

Inspired by both the words gluttony and slut, bass player Leonardo combined the two and the rest of the band favored the idea.

“We take back the power of the word and do whatever we want,” said third-year Leonardo. “The word slut to me means free and fine and it doesn’t mean to be promiscuous, unless you want to be.”

At their home concert, the group performed some of their favorite songs, including a rock cover of “We Are Young” by Fun. While all members of the group prefer classic and indie rock, they have also been influenced by punk music lately. 

After their band’s first concert and a fundraising event on May 14, the members of Sluttony decided to donate to the Queer Youth Task Force Santa Cruz (QYTF). Together, Sluttony raised over $170 for QYTF.

The local organization aspires to enhance the quality of life for all LGBTQIA+ children in the community, as well as other children raised in LGBTQIA+ households, by promoting intergenerational teamwork through input from and cooperation with youth.

“It was such a relief to see live music again and watch a crowd of young people dancing,” said concert attendee Camila Cerqueira. “It’s an inclusive queer-friendly space. By donating to the QYTF, it showed that they can walk the walk and really support the queer community that we’re all a part of.”

In the future, Sluttony hopes to produce and release original music, and perform live. Through their music, Sluttony is igniting a movement — encouraging more femmes to join bands and express themselves through music. 

“To me, Sluttony is about acceptance, openness, and intersectional feminism,” Steel said. “I know that seems like a lot of power to give a garage band, but I encourage anyone reading this to find a community that will inspire them as much as my band inspires me.” 

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