The 2020-21 school year will go down in history, but the next academic year is still a mystery. Students have navigated the depths of online curriculum. Some wandered the deserted maze of campus, falling into alien routines of COVID-19 testing and limited interaction. Many still were starved of that experience, stuck waiting to meet or reunite with the forest they could have been calling home. 

As this school year comes to a close, you might look up at the night sky and ask, “What’s next?” Luckily for you, the stars just might hold the answer. 


A ram inside a pile of clothing at a laundromat.

Aries will overlook a growing problem.


A bull sitting in front of a laptop at midnight.

Taurus will survive trials of strength, speed, and determination.


A person unsure about what major to pursue.

Gemini will finally make a grand decision.


A crab eating chips and instant ramen.

Cancer will learn new culinary skills to nourish their soul.


A lion dying its hair a shade of deep cerulean blue.

Leo will see themself in a new way.


A person holding up someone else's hair as they throw up in the toilet.

Virgo will be a good friend to someone in need.


Books and beer pong on separate ends of a scale.

Libra will know their responsibilities and choose their actions wisely.


A scorpion getting new piercings.

Scorpio will stand strong in their beliefs. 


A sagittarius dancing with a lampshade on their head.

Sagittarius will learn to let go and live in the moment. 


Capricorn's webcam image freezing on a zoom call.

Capricorn will face challenges out of their control.


Someone pouring water on a plant.

Aquarius will nurture the ones they love.


A fish holds a phone showing a Tinder screen

Pisces will ignore a potential danger in their love life.