The 21st annual Earth Summit, hosted by Enviroslug, will be descending onto campus for UC Santa Cruz’s greenest day of the year next week.   

The in-person event will be held on April 20, at the Quarry Plaza from 9:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and will spotlight the organization’s opinion poll in UCSC’s upcoming campus elections. 

Enviroslug and their affiliated organization, the Student Environmental Committee (SEC), are bringing the No Time To Waste campaign to the campus community through the campus elections, seeking student feedback on campus sustainability practices. Earth Summit’s theme will focus on the campaign, setting the campus election at the forefront of the event. 

Third-year Enviroslug organizer Grace Bahena shared that during the event, Quarry Plaza will be filled with different stations where students can engage in the event festivities sustainably — including a station where they can vote in campus elections and maybe earn an incentive.

Stations at Earth Summit will include a clothing swap with the UCSC Trading Post, a Produce Pop-Up, and Falafel from Falafel Santa Cruz.

“[Earth Summit planning] was definitely sustainability-focused. The clothing swap is one sustainable practice that students can learn about, like bringing your clothes and trading with others. For the produce pop-up also, it’s a more sustainable way to buy groceries. Even with falafel when collaborating with [Falafel Santa Cruz], they are going to be providing compostable wrapping the food,” Bahena said. “With every collaboration, we take sustainability into account.”

Bahena said that Earth Summit is an opportunity for an environmentally aware campus community to get involved with sustainability initiatives at UCSC, and participate in the campus elections — a necessity for Enviroslug and SEC’s opinion poll. 

Read more about Enviroslug and SEC’s Opinion Poll, and the campus elections here.

Earth Summit will be held from 9:30-3:30 at Quarry Plaza on April 20, 2022.