The ISA’s 20th Annual Culture Show, “A Journey Through India,” brought a colorful cast of dancers, singers, and actors to UC Santa Cruz’s Mainstage Theater. 

Taking to the stage on April 16, the show represented the different identities of the Indian diaspora at UCSC.  Performances from dance and vocal teams  like UCSC’s Raas and Tazal Tal filled every corner of the stage. A solo guitarist and vocalist, a dance fusion mixing classical Indian and Hip-Hop dances, and a skit portraying the lives of UCSC students filled the show. 

If you missed the event, or just want to reminisce, check out these photos from City on a Hill Press. 

In the first act the cast of performers showcase their Lehengas, the traditional South Asian clothing, as a part of the fashion show.
UCSC Raas performs the traditional Gujarati style of folkloric dance, Raas. The women traditionally dress in Lehengas and the men in Kurtas use their Dandiya sticks as accessories for the performance.
A guitarist and vocalist, Aneesh Saxena, takes the stage to sing a medley of famous Bollywood songs such as तुम ही हो, or Tum Hi Ho.
As a part of the skit, actors playing the roles of Jahanvi and Neha sit at the on-stage version of McHenry Library to discuss the struggles of their love lives. Jahanvi, played by Sonia Atre, complains about the lack of support from her family for her relationship.
Taza Tal gets into formation to perform an a capella medley of Telugu and English songs.

This article was published as a part of a City on a Hill Press backlog, and was originally written during the week of April 18.