When you close your eyes and think of a happy space, where do you go? 

Some people retreat to a secluded waterfall. Other people might find reprieve at an amusement park. But most people just want to lie down in their room.

Nothing embodies private space more than your bedroom. It is truly your sanctuary. The way one decorates it is entirely their own: a unique array of personal trinkets, lifelong possessions, and characteristic paraphernalia. There is more meaning than what meets the eye. The things you have lying around can be very telling of your personality.

The Smiths poster taped behind a yellow background.

The Smiths poster hung up with masking tape

You’re very confident in your music taste and definitive about what you like and what you don’t like. Your favorite moments take place tucked into bed with headphones on. You paid for a premium membership on last.fm to preemptively secure your top artists before Spotify Wrapped (a lot can happen in a year). 

Alas – you’re rudely awakened from your session when Drake comes onto the song radio. You also seem like a person who doesn’t like peanut butter.

Nicki Minaj American flag

You were definitely on Vine while it was still cool. You quote them all the time — not out loud, though. Just in your head. Road work ahead? I sure hope it does!?!?

The internet is central to your humor and you have a prowess in niche pop culture references. Before you’re an American, you’re a Barb. Yeah, you’re a Barb! Yeah, you know all the words to “Chun Li”!

An American flag featuring Nicki Minaj saluting is behind a blue background.
A pink flower sits in a green wine bottle.

Plucked flowers sitting in a wine bottle

Look at you, being all resourceful. It’s a fun souvenir of a good night you shared with your roommates. Or, you couldn’t bother to buy a proper vase. 

Either way, there’s something very leisurely and nonchalant about keeping a wine bottle around. The water probably hasn’t been changed out in months, but it’s not like the flower is complaining. Each time someone compliments it, the wine bottle stays on the table for three more weeks.

Miscellaneous postcards and prints from the Sunday market

You have a knack for color arrangement. You’re very precise about the way things are. One of your Pinterest posts probably gained traction a couple years ago. 

The idea of empty space irks you. Once, you were probably the person with the flowers in the wine bottle, but graduated to a real vase. You love it when the sunlight hits your room in a certain way. You secretly put a lot of thought into the order and placement of your photodump.

A collage of wall art hangs on an orange wall. A yellow flower sits in a white vase on a blue shelf.
A succulent sits in a ceramic toilet themed pot.

Trader Joe’s succulent in a novelty pot

You don’t take life too seriously. You promised yourself you would only leave with eggs, cereal, and spinach, but it was so precious that you just had to get it. 

No, no. I get you. You’re worried it’s going to squish your groceries in the paper bag, so you have to hold it loud and proud in your left hand. It sits passively at the corner of your desk, cheering you on while you complete your Canvas quiz — it doesn’t care if you fail or not. 

It’s a succulent.

Endearing polaroids of you and your friends

You’re a firm believer in preserving good days with your loved ones. You probably have a shoebox of mementos stemming back all the way to middle school. There is nothing more meaningful than waking up to a bright view of your friends. 

Have you texted your friend in the upper right? That brunch photo was probably the last time you saw them. You give them a ring, and they remember that call for the rest of the week!

A collage of polaroids behind a pink background. String lights decorate the polaroids.
A bed in the corner of a room. A poster of the movie "The Matrix" is on the wall.

Random poster of forgettable movie (say, the most recent ‘Matrix’ film)

You have a hook-up at the movie theater who secretly gives you posters for movies that aren’t screening anymore. Half of the time, your Letterboxd think pieces are written with beautiful prose and the other half are extremely ironic. How many times did you say you were going to minor in film? 

You fall asleep to video essays critically analyzing iCarly plot devices. You resent it when anybody asks what your favorite film is. Don’t you think that defeats the purpose, you say.  

You go on to say that films are just so incomparable and complex, and oh look, that person just started walking away.