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30 Sep 2023

Measures K and L: Taxing Dispensaries 

Santa Cruz city and county officials will seek voter approval to impose a tax on medical cannabis dispensaries. Measures L and K will establish a cannabis business tax of no more than 10 percent — 7 percent when enacted — in jurisdictions within the city and county respectively, to be effective January 2015.


Letting Life Flow Naturally 

Dating back to 2700 B.C., massaging — first used by ancient civilizations such as the Chinese and Egyptians, and then adopted to become the Swedish massage — continues to be the most widely practiced bodywork technique. While a Swedish massage relaxes and soothes the client with lubricated long strokes from head to toe, other techniques such as acupressure focus on finding specific points and releasing energy flows.

City’s Water Plan Flows Forward 

The latest City Council meeting spotlighted both Santa Cruz’s water shortage problem and the opening of the San Lorenzo River for public use. Both issues were addressed via unanimous votes, which set forth the path to achieve a viable water solution, as well as the opening of the river.

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