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25 Sep 2023

Aspirations to ‘Walk In Peace’ 

  Piled on Nane’s desk are stacks of envelopes from people who are imprisoned around the nation, waiting for a response. “Not one letter will tell you everything is good in prison. They all want to get out and are all trying to see what…


The ABCs of Empowerment 

A is for Angela Davis, B is for Billie Jean King, C is for Carol Burnett, D is for Dolores Huerta, and X is “for the women we haven’t heard about yet, and the women whose stories we will never read.” “Rad American Women A-Z:…


An Obscured World of Punishment 

Why do we know so little about mass incarceration? What psychological damage is developed in prison as a result of living in confinement? How can we respond to crime in an appropriate, humane way? These were questions asked and discussed by UC Santa Cruz psychology…


Spike in Auto-Related Crime 

It’s not there. You’re sure you parked your car in that exact spot, and you anxiously pace the parking lot a few rounds. Is your mind playing tricks on you? This is what went through fourth-year Adrianna Gonzalez’s mind on Feb. 7, when she returned…

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