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31 May 2023

Inching Up and Crowded Out 

Regularly ranked among the most expensive metropolitan areas to live in, Santa Cruz has again asserted its place on the list. A recent report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) titled “Out of Reach” ranked Santa Cruz County as the fifth most expensive…


Academia’s Glorified Sickness 

Week nine is hell, and it’s expected to be. The library is bloated with students and filled with the anxious rhythm of tapping feet and clicking pens, punctuated by exasperated sighs. Caffeine smothers fatigue. Trying to conjure a paper from a blank screen, stress first…


Speaking to Collaboration 

On the sidewalk outside the Rio Theatre, an impromptu barter was taking place. A small silver coin passed between hands and Isaiah, bewildered at his luck, stood holding the ticket: an extra admission pass held moments before by an audience member in the line snaking…


Protesting 99 Years of Denial 

With their mouths covered by red tape, the students lowered themselves to the ground and formed a circle of bodies in the middle of Quarry Plaza. Some passers-by slowed as they approached, directing curious glances at the protesters, while others stopped to read their handmade…

Other Stories

Conversation Amid Conflict 

He thought they were alone on the road. The car’s feeble headlights cut through the surrounding black as it approached the small Palestinian village where he would spend the night.

It was 2003 when Dr. Phillip Hammack, currently an associate psychology professor at UCSC, traveled through Israel and the West Bank, conducting field research for his dissertation. Hammack’s research, which would later inspire his book “Narrative and the Politics of Identity,” relied on interviewing 45 Israeli and Palestinian adolescents scattered throughout the region.

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