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02 Dec 2023

Discourse on Intercourse 

Flowers are great on Valentine’s Day, but why not skip to what’s really important — sex. Starting Feb. 9, Porter College will host a week of events, titled “Week of Great Sex,” to promote discourse about sexuality and sexual health. “It’s important to open up...

Mapping the Mountain Lion 

The development of a new collar, termed the SMART collar, will enable researchers to better understand the behavior of mountain lions in the wild. After five years of developing the collar, researchers at UC Santa Cruz published their findings in the journal Science on Oct....

Sequencing the Slug 

“‘Sequence the mascot’s genome!’ is not a cry one usually hears coming from a university,” said UC Santa Cruz alumnus Ken Wagman. “It’s not the usual way to support your school.” As a leader in genomics, UCSC started a campaign to sequence the mascot’s genome....

Beyond Physical First Aid 

In a frenzy of exams, essays and classes, students run the risk of neglecting their personal health — whether physical or mental. Since 40 percent of students report feeling depressed to the point that they have trouble functioning, according to the National Alliance on Mental...

Kickstarting Success 

What started two years ago as two friends, a laser cutter, a board router and an idea turned into an overnight success. Starting with a $10,000 goal on Kickstarter, a website where people can fund new projects and inventions, a UC Santa Cruz alumnus and...
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