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30 Sep 2023

Queerness Should have Space in STEM 

Keira Delaney is exhausted from constantly trying to educate her professors and fellow neuroscience majors about how their field historically and continuously discriminates against queer and transgender people, like herself. And she is not alone. The lack of LGBTQIA+ representation and community in science technology…


Liberation Education Takes the Stage 

A teacher teaches, and students are taught. The teacher knows everything, and the student knows nothing — key critiques by Paulo Freire in the “Pedagogy of the Oppressed.” Dr. Darrick Smith deconstructed these historically oppressive education models, after which about 150 attendees reassembled them with…



Nationwide, transgender people are faced with gender norm policing and oppression by cisgender privilege daily. While visibility around trans oppression has increased socially,  agency and resiliency within the trans community has received less attention — particularly on college campuses. Dr. Z Nicolazzo made you forget…

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