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28 Mar 2023

2020 Voting Guide 

On March 3, California voters will have the opportunity to participate in primary elections for federal, state and local offices, as well as vote on several state and local initiatives. Candidates nominated in the primaries will appear on the Nov. 3 general election ballot and…


‘H’ is for Housing 

While Measure M has taken the spotlight,  a quieter competition simmers between Yes on H and No on H campaigners in Santa Cruz County. Measure H, the Santa Cruz County Affordable Housing Bond, is one of several pieces of housing legislation to appear on the…


Rallying for Housing Security 

People caught in Santa Cruz traffic received an urgent reminder to vote in favor of housing justice legislation as a Students United with Renters (SUR) rally unfolded at the Bay and Mission intersection on Oct. 11. Their chants of “Fight, fight, fight! Housing is a…


All Aboard the Peace Train 

In front of a nondescript storefront in Winslow, Arizona, prominent Santa Cruz community activist Curtis Reliford was approached by two boys in search of spare change. After taking one look at the boys, Reliford decided he could do them one better by locating new shoes…

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