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25 Mar 2023

Restoring the Santa Cruz Mountains 

Nine months ago Cal Fire’s helicopter No. 106 was flying to an unrelated call when the pilots spotted smoke coming from the mountains below. A structural fire had sparked from the Loma Chiquita and Loma Prieta roads and spread rapidly, drawing response teams from across…


Food Allergies on Campus 

Coming into college, firstyears worry about a lot of different things — getting along with roommates, difficult course loads and homesickness. But for me, as a student with food allergies and intolerances, eating safely was my number one concern. My first experience with the UC…


Crafting Social Change 

In the rooftop sculpture garden, a shamisen plays as a storyteller, Megumi, recites Japanese folklore. In the silent room next door, expressive photographs of Native Americans from California tribes cover the walls. In the first-floor atrium, orchestra music fills the space. The 3rd Friday Festivals…


Modernizing the Classics 

Experimental music is an undefinable art form pushing boundaries and transforming music within classical and electronic genres. The genre is broadly considered to be music that goes against the traditional style in composition and performance and often incorporates mechanical and electronic elements. Indexical, a record…

A Wall Across Quarry Plaza 

Across the West Bank, hundreds of checkpoints are restricting the travel of thousands of Palestinians — children are late to school and commuters have to drive through windy side streets. On March 9, 7,000 miles away, 30 students brought a mock checkpoint to UC Santa…

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