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28 Nov 2023
Arts & Culture

Bouquet of the People 

Joel Alexander Escobedo’s housemate hung roses off the light fixtures of their home. As the rose chandelier dried and became pale, Escobedo said this inspired him to create his own large-scale rose chandelier as an art installation to bring the student community together. “They looked...

The Art of Action 

Artists across the Bay Area gathered at an alternative inaugural ball on Jan. 20 at the Royal Nonesuch Gallery in Oakland. Gallery goers were sworn in on books including “On the Origin of Species,” “The Republic” and “The Feminine Mystique.” The ball, hosted by a...
Arts & Culture

Safe [Space] 

On campus, there is an open gallery for students to display their work, free of charge. The catch is, it is in such high demand that there is a lottery — it changes each week and it’s only for graduating art students. It’s called the...
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