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31 May 2023

Black Lives Are YOUR Future 

  Now that I am entering my senior year at UC Santa Cruz, I have learned firsthand how to navigate the predominantly white institution through the “veil.” The “veil” is a metaphor coined by Dr. W.E.B. DuBois in his novel “The Souls of Black Folk”, which describes how a Black person…


Q&A with Ruth Wilson Gilmore 

The UC Presidential Chair in Feminist Critical Race and Ethnic Studies invited Ruth Wilson Gilmore to UC Santa Cruz to discuss police violence and mass incarceration in a lecture called  “Organized Abandonment & Organized Violence: Devolution and The Police.” Her discussion in the UCSC Music…


UCLA, What’s Goooood?! 

It’s 2015, and as much as it bothers some people that discriminated groups keep talking about race relations, it bothers me, as a member of the black community, even more that we continue to revisit and be victims of ignorance. It’s 2015, and yet a…

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