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03 Dec 2023
Arts & Culture

Skin Deep 

With 11 tattoos on her arms and legs, UC Santa Cruz student Cat Heavey has gone to great lengths to hide them in the past. She wore long-sleeved shirts beneath her t-shirts to adhere to the dress code of the restaurant where she worked —...
Arts & Culture

“Back to You, America” 

Following the theme “Untold Stories,” a cast of ten students from “Poet’s Corner,” a facet of Rainbow Theater, addressed issues of identity and society through performance art. Students spoke out to hold institutions accountable for excluding underrepresented groups in America, presenting personal works with loud...
Arts & Culture

Starting Small 

Matt Herron walked backwards for 15 miles, threw himself in ditches, created fake press passes and spoke in a southern accent to document the Selma to Montgomery marches, which led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. While walking with thousands over the course of...
Arts & Culture

Into the Void 

As ripples of energy radiated from the collision of two black holes, a new one — 62 times the mass of our sun — was created. The collision and its waves stunned astrophysicists across the nation and sparked questions across the globe. The Mary Porter...
Arts & Culture

Bluegrass & Beyond 

The fog cleared and the sun made a rare debut over Golden Gate Park on Saturday at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco. Over 750,000 people packed into less than two square miles of land for the free, three-day event from Friday through...
Arts & Culture

Reviving the Funk 

After rapper and DJ Metro Boomin’ took the main stage of the Catalyst Club last Thursday night, hip-hop took a step away from the top 100s and backtracked a few decades. One day later, a handful of passionate hip-hop artists performed Friday from 9 p.m....

Looking Past the Screen 

While I was in Paris, the city experienced flooding so extensive that boats couldn’t fit under bridges. The excess water halted the usual traffic of tourist cruises on the Seine River and museums were closed to save the artwork from water damage. On my way...
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