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10 Dec 2023
Arts & Culture

Eaten to a Pulp 

Between the chrome tinsel, black fur frames, fifty-six cherries hanging from the wall and red satin draped over a small parlor table and chair, everything in the exhibit was eye-catching. And that was not even part of her photography. In a 200 square-foot space, UC...
Arts & Culture

Uncharted Waters 

When professor Anna Friz saw that UC Santa Cruz had an underwater speaker, a 50-meter pool and creative students, she figured why not put on an underwater concert? With the film and digital media department, she created the show Submerging Artists. Submerging Artists was conceptualized...
Arts & Culture

Give and Take 

Her breathing became more labored, raspy and desperate before stopping. The audience was transfixed as Ramona Parrotta depicted death in UC Santa Cruz professor Gerald Casel’s experimental movement theater show, “Give.” When Parrotta’s breath stopped, two other dancers closed her eyes and moved her body...
Arts & Culture

Models of Free Expression 

Over the sounds of static, screaming and bodily functions, the creatures of the art piece “19 Rusted Antennae” stalked on stage. Despite a trigger warning for “vomiting of goop onstage,” this year’s Queer Fashion Show (QFS) audience remained in their seats on May 13 and...
Arts & Culture

Free Love 

It was the first time they could be themselves. Over 120 people from around the Bay Area arrived at Cowell College on Dec. 4, 1971 for the first ever homosexuality conference hosted by UC Santa Cruz. The conference, “Homosexuality: Exploring an Alternative in Sexual Expression,”...
Arts & Culture

Fit for a Queen 

It was hard to miss. Three feet long and covered in sequins, the “disco dick” turned heads as Brent Farmer walked onstage at Drag Ball on April 15. Under the stage name Bryce Plow, Farmer pelvic thrusted and helicopter swung the disco dick to “Get...
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