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28 Nov 2023

Convenient To Have, Hard to Keep 

UC Santa Cruz has five dining halls, 11 coffee shops and four coffee kiosks, but there are still stretches of campus without food options. In response, campus officials enlisted the help of a mobile food force — food trucks.  Despite being convenient and cost-effective, food...
Arts & Culture

The Queens of ‘Crowns’ 

Their beauty and countenance commands respect. The ladies of the church, these hat queens adorn themselves as their ancestors did, their headpieces so ornate they may even catch God’s eye.  On select dates between Feb. 22 and March 3, UC Santa Cruz’s African American Theater...
Arts & Culture


Drums pound like heartbeats throughout the powwow. Dancers echo the movements of their ancestors, twirling to ensure the constant flutter of their tribal regalia. The tinkle of sequins and the rustling of dyed fabrics mix with the hum of happy conversation.  On Feb. 2 Bay...
Arts & Culture

Rainbow Through the Ages 

By students of color, for everyone. In fall 1993, Rainbow Theatre began opening eyes to cultural diversity at UC Santa Cruz and grew into an indispensable institution.    Feb. 1 marks the beginning of Rainbow Theatre’s weekendlong celebration of its 25th season. The events will...
Arts & Culture

Food and Body, Combined 

Feet with radishes growing out of them. Naked female figures with mushroom and lamp heads. And color — lots of color. In “Morphed: A Senior Show About Bodily Transformation,” Amber Mateer merged diverse influences to explore identity and  combination. The exhibit was hosted in the...
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