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30 Nov 2023

Finding LGBTQIA+ Community 

From the creation of its first LGBTQIA+ organization in 1974 to the recent celebration of its 48th Pride, Santa Cruz has a rich history of LGBTQIA+ activism.  Local LGBTQIA+ organizations build community and provide a place of solace. Their presence is crucial, especially now, as...

A Letter From The Editors 

Like a broken record, we’ve seen the same issues persist at UC Santa Cruz over and over again. Students are swamped in loan debt. Many are rent-burdened, while others are struggling to even find a place to live. Student distrust of administration has only increased....
Visual Story

Little Corners of the World 

100 square feet, a mini-fridge, and a communal shower — Welcome to college. Our 2,000-acre college campus offers us one assigned space to claim. We are given permission to tape our identity to inherited walls, so long as we don’t chip the paint.  Coming into...
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