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22 Sep 2023
A loaf of the finished bread with a plant.

‘May Your Hands Not Hurt’ 

Photos by Sara Nasr. I was introduced to breadmaking about three years ago when my mom dove into it and began making Iranian and ketogenic breads. I plunged in right after her, curious about the possibilities offered by breadmaking. As a first generation Iranian-American, I…


The White Ga(y)ze 

The total number of hate crimes motivated by anti-LGBTQIA+ beliefs has risen every year since 2014. The most recent FBI report showed 15.9 percent of single-bias incidents stemmed from sexual orientation bias.  Folks in the LGBTQIA+ community are still dealing with huge amounts of prejudice, but…


SHW Approved Until Further Notice 

After discussing the topic in an open session for over an hour, the UC Board of Regents conditionally approved the Student Housing West (SHW ) development at UC Santa Cruz. It is approved unless regents change their minds on the approval after a financial review….


Forever 21 is Forever in the Landfill 

Don’t let your Instagram feed rope you into buying more jeggings and crop tops just because they’re cheap. Fast fashion brands like Forever 21, H&M and Fashion Nova mass produce clothing made for people’s desire to follow the latest trends at a low price. Companies…


My Body, My Business 

“Fat” isn’t a bad word until you make it one. I am fat and I am beautiful. Those terms aren’t mutually exclusive. For every person on the internet telling a fat person to lose weight, there are thousands more fat people rolling their eyes, including…

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