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25 Sep 2023

Post-Modern Family 

No, that’s not my uncle or a family friend. When I say it’s my dad’s partner, I don’t mean he’s a police officer. No, I’m not adopted. These are the answers to questions I’ve been asked my whole life. But what’s the big deal? My…


Race for Senate 

The Senate approves presidential and other federal appointments, ratifies or rejects treaties and passes legislation. Currently, Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein serve California in Congress. Feinstein will continue her term until 2018 when she will face re-election, but Boxer is retiring this year. Both…


A Guide to Your Student Government 

UC Santa Cruz’s Student Union Assembly (SUA) is the undergraduate student government on campus. It’s completely student-led and student-funded, and it serves as a space for student voice both locally and nationally. There are six student body officers of the SUA, 10 student organization representatives…


Q&A with Brian Fallon 

Brian Fallon, of The Gaslight Anthem, The Horrible Crowes and Molly and the Zombies fame, is embarking on his first solo tour after The Gaslight Anthem announced a hiatus at the end of their “Get Hurt” tour last July. Fallon’s first solo album “Painkillers” will…


The Art of Remedy 

When Dr. Tracee Laing traveled to Haiti with suitcases full of medication, she wondered what to do with the empty luggage she’d be left with on her flight home. Her proximity to a community that produced beautiful, intricate metalwork inspired her to fill her suitcase…

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