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30 Nov 2023

My Body, My Business 

“Fat” isn’t a bad word until you make it one. I am fat and I am beautiful. Those terms aren’t mutually exclusive. For every person on the internet telling a fat person to lose weight, there are thousands more fat people rolling their eyes, including...

Stop Asking Why 

I’ve been trying to explain to others (and myself) why I decided to transfer from Boston University (BU) to UC Santa Cruz, for over a year. Often I give the easy answers. I missed California. I couldn’t handle another East Coast winter. The culture of...

Spirit of the Game 

A special mixture of adrenaline, pride and nausea. This is my reward at the end of a three-hour ultimate Frisbee practice. The UC Santa Cruz women’s ultimate team, Sol, possesses a free-spirited culture unlike any other sport I’ve played and teaches me how to be...
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