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10 Dec 2023
A map of bus routes, includes the campus loop, 10, 18, 20, 22, 15, and 19 routes.

Getting Around Santa Cruz 

For the upperclassmen veterans who have fond memories of shuffling onto the loop bus, some things may have changed in the last 18 months. Whether you’re still questioning which bus you have to show your ID for, or have that locked down in your muscle...
Line art of a sculpture, pottery, and polaroids collaged over a multicolored background
Arts & Culture

Art Spaces on Campus 

ART SPACES ON CAMPUS Sculpture Studios:  The sculpture studios consist of a metal shop and a woodshop. Located in the Baskin Art Studios, both places offer various tools for students to develop skills such as welding, shaping, staining, and more. To gain access to the studios,...

University House to be Rebuilt 

After over three years of vacancy, the UC Santa Cruz University House and Event Center — home and hosting-space of sitting chancellors since 1967 — will be demolished by UCSC. In its place, the administration plans to build a new, larger facility to be completed...

2017 SUA Candidate Interviews 

Videos courtesy of Banana Slug News. Voting has begun and will close at midnight on May 23. Students can vote online at This year’s ballot includes funding referendum measures 67 and 68, amendments to the SUA constitution, SUA officer elections and opinion polls for...
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