Sculpture Studios: 

The sculpture studios consist of a metal shop and a woodshop. Located in the Baskin Art Studios, both places offer various tools for students to develop skills such as welding, shaping, staining, and more. To gain access to the studios, students must be enrolled in art classes within the Studio Art major and have the proper training to handle the equipment.

Kresge Photo Co-op:

The Kresge Photo Co-op, located above the Kresge Piazzetta, is available 24 hours a day to 20 paying members. Members of the co-op are given access to the darkroom and equipment for developing their film. Two kinds of memberships are available- 135 dollars for the year or 60 dollars for one quarter.

Pottery Place at Merrill:

The student-run Merrill Pottery Co-Operative was founded in 1970 and is one of the studios housed under the Studio Art Department at UCSC. Situated in the basement of Merrill A Building, the Pottery Place offers its members two studios: one for handbuilding and throwing clay, the other for glazing the ceramics. 

Porter MakerSpace:

The Porter MakerSpace is a co-op where members are given space to work on their creative endeavours. The space holds workshops on a wide variety of topics from basic illustration to intricate costume design. To gain membership to MakerSpace, students must attend an orientation and a safety walkthrough. Registration for a year-long membership, worth 90 dollars, is open the first two weeks of fall quarter.

Cowell College Printing Press: 

With its history of hand-operated printing letterpresses dating back to 1969, Cowell Press hosts classes and workshops in book binding and printing. The classes, created in collaboration with the Kresge Writing Center, are offered during winter and spring quarters.

Illustrations by Ry Lei.


Sesnon Underground Gallery: 

Affiliated with the Mary Porter Sesnon Art Gallery, the Sesnon Underground gallery is a student-run experimental exhibition space that allows artists to curate and install their own works, ranging from paintings to photography. Due to COVID-19, exhibitions will remain virtual until further notice.  

Art Department Mini-Galleries: 

The Mini-Galleries are three glass cases open for art students to display their work in Baskin Arts E-104. Hosted by UCSC’s Art Department, the galleries follow a first-come-first-serve rule and are replaced weekly. 

Bridge Gallery: 

Located in Porter College, this gallery is open during winter and spring quarter. Spaces for student art work to be displayed need to be reserved a year in advance on a first come and first serve basis.

Walls at Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center: 

The Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center hosts two large (12’w x 6’h) walls to exhibit various art pieces from student contributors. The exhibitions of student art work run for four to eight weeks, allowing art students to gain recognition for their displays.