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30 Mar 2023

Give and Take 

Her breathing became more labored, raspy and desperate before stopping. The audience was transfixed as Ramona Parrotta depicted death in UC Santa Cruz professor Gerald Casel’s experimental movement theater show, “Give.” When Parrotta’s breath stopped, two other dancers closed her eyes and moved her body…


Gertrude’s Blues 

The “mother of the blues” stands on stage in what looks like a music studio. A trombone, bass, trumpet and piano reverberate throughout the theater as anguish flows from Ma Rainey’s voice in the form of a blues song. Love and lust, white managers’ exploitation…


Inspired by a Community of Youth 

Minutes after Tahitian dance trio People of the Islands brought staff and students on stage to learn the ‘ote’a, and shortly before the final carne asada taco was eaten, the confident and strikingly prepared high schoolers from Durham, North Carolina took the stage in the packed Stevenson Event Center.


Season of Love Starts Early 

UC Santa Cruz’s theater department peeks into one of history’s many overlooked love stories in its upcoming November theater performance.

“Mughal Miniatures: Tales of Love” shows Nov. 8-17 on the Second Stage of the Theater Arts Center. The performance will consist of three short play, or love stories, originating from Iran and the Indian subcontinent.

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