Tailor Made is a regular column documenting different looks at UC Santa Cruz by Alex Zamora, a second-year art major and aspiring fashion photographer.

New creations are often borrowed, updated ideas, which is by no means a bad thing. Using what someone else has laid the ground work for and building something new and exciting out of it is what we do best, and this week’s post documents fashions using recycled materials and ideas. 

dsc_8242Lauren Burth, fourth-year Kresge student

CHP: In what ways does your style express your personality? 

I love to copy many styles from history, particularly the 20th century trends. I also like to express myself through my jewelry, I enjoy making my own necklaces.

dsc_8468Jane Parton, first-year Porter student

CHP: What inspires your style? 

The weather inspires my style, and I like to play with texture and volume. If I wear something tight on bottom, I like to wear something baggy on top to balance it all out. 

Do you take styling cues from other people and adapt them to your own style? 

Absolutely! I always take ideas from other people I’ve seen on fashion blogs or just around and totally copy them. 


dsc_8474Brooke Andersen, first-year Porter student

CHP: What influences your style? 

I’m from So Cal so that’s a big influence because down there you tend to get a lot of judgmental looks when you’re walking down the street. In Santa Cruz, you can be a lot more experimental with your clothes. I also like to buy things I like even if I don’t think I can wear them with anything, because one day I’m gonna want them and I’m gonna miss it. I’m a firm believer in the saying “Too much is just enough!” 

Do you pick up styling cues from other people and adapt them to your own style? 

I like to take a piece from a lot of different looks and put them to together to make something new. I think that’s a lot more fun then dressing up like a mannequin.