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Assess the Community Safety Officer (CSO) program by:

  • Understanding how the program works
  • Reviewing the type of training CSOs receive
  • Collecting student input
  • Developing a way for CSOs to more effectively work with students to create a safe environment

Address lighting issues on campus by:

  • Taking a lighting tour with the police to assess current light fixtures
  • Collecting student input by interacting with various parts of campus
  • Developing a plan to provide better lighting for heavily traversed areas of campus

Show students that SUA is important, relevant and effective by:

  • Outreaching via “fireside” chats on YouTube and holding town hall style meetings where students can directly engage with SUA officers
  • Hiring a communications director to promote SUA and communicate with the student body


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Focus on advancing University of California Student Association (UCSA) initiatives by:

  • Aiming to address skyrocketing tuition by urging Gov. Jerry Brown to seek “long-term, sustainable revenue sources through the support of Proposition 13 reform”
  • Working with Investing in Graduation, Not Incarceration, Transform Education (IGNITE): AB420 was signed, which “reduces the school-to-prison pipeline by limiting suspensions and expulsions for ‘willful defiance,’ or an overly broad and arbitrary rationale given for suspensions and expulsions that has led to disparities in suspensions and expulsions for students of color,” according to the UCSA website.

Develop a structured Lobby Corps, which educates students on campus issues and legislative campaigns and takes them to Sacramento to advocate for these issues:

  • Of particular concern is the recognition that tuition is unlikely to stay frozen in the coming years



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 Develop and advance health, wellness and self-care campaigns by:

  • Working with Student Health Outreach and Promotion (SHOP) and the Health Center
  • Promoting CruzFit, the annual campuswide wellness incentive program to motivate the UCSC community to exercise and stay healthy
  • Working with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to provide greater accessibility to students in need

Bring back the Ethnic Student Organization Council:

  • Developing better structures so it lasts
  • Inviting more ethnic organizations, including the original SUA representatives — African/Black Student Alliance (A/BSA), Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliance (APISA), Filipino Student Association, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano/a de Aztlán (MEChA) and the Student Alliance of North American Indians (SANAI)

Continue Edge of Eden by:

  • Exploring the idea of orienting the funds to benefit something like cancer research
  • Looking for an alternative venue to the OPERS East Field
  • Outreaching to student organizations to volunteer for the event
  • Deciding on a more diverse lineup

Continuing UCSC’s Got Talent:

  • Keeping the date of the event close to UCSC’s 50th anniversary
  • Outreaching to alumni to perform at the event



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Send a delegation to the Student of Color Conference

Establish stronger connections among diverse offices on campus by:

  • Making information from SUA offices more accessible
  • Outreaching to student organizations by speaking with them

Continue Holifest, but make it more educational by:

  • Having Indian food vendors
  • Having the DJ periodically speak about the significance of Holi and its origin
  • Asking the Indian Student Organization to perform during the event

Collaborate with the Cantú Queer Center to develop a queer representation project called the “Nifty Fifty,” which aims to:

  • Recognize people who identify as queer on campus
  • Highlight that queer is more than how it’s often stereotyped, as a gay, white male
  • Start in January alongside UCSC’s 50th anniversary



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 Establish a “meet and greet” between students and professors from the five primary educational divisions on campus (biological sciences, physical sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities) by:

  • Giving students the opportunity to engage and network with professors
  • Encouraging students to provide feedback about what classes are helpful for their respective majors

Inform and educate students about issues under consideration within the Academic Senate:

  • The Committee of Educational Policy is exploring a C- grade option
  • Currently, there are no grade points between a C, which is a 2.0, and a D, which is a 1.0.
  • A C- would assign a 1.70 grade point
  • Data would be collected during the winter and a proposal would be made during the spring

Work on the CLASS (Class and Lecture Availability Student Survey) by:

  • Asking students whether or not they’re getting into their classes
  • Giving data to administration and academic senate faculty
  • Integrating the survey into course evaluations or holding a campaign for the survey during winter quarter




Establish a campus clean-Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.21.00 PMup day to:

  • Raise awareness around the UC Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy
  • Host the event around Earth Day and UCSC’s Alumni Weekend

Develop a volunteer core:

  • Keep students informed about opportunities for volunteering for the various SUA offices and keep them aware of when their student governments meet

Maintain connections with student movements, service workers and the labor unions by reaching out to each group, setting up meetings and listening to their concerns.

Early development of referenda:

  • Reintroduce the five constitutional amendments proposed for last year
  • Amend Measure 8 (the Campuswide Student Government Fee) to increase the student fee from $7 per quarter to an undetermined amount
  • There is a concern that SUA has a small budget and lacks resources
  • The last time Measure 8 was amended was in 2003, when the student fee increased from $2 per quarter to $7 per quarter



Additional quotes:

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