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03 Jun 2023

SUA Declares Opposition To Relocation 

The Student Union Assembly (SUA) unanimously passed a resolution declaring opposition to a proposal that would relocate the staff of Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR) and over 150 student organizations and their members to the Crown College “pit” parking lot. The Student Union and…

Visual Story

Through Our Lens: The Power of the Student Voice 

As an exchange student from South Africa, I find it interesting to compare the student voice at UCSC with my experiences back home. The similarities are uncanny — there is unquestionable power in the student voice through its conviction, dynamism and (sometimes naïve) optimism. After spending one day at the Practical Activism Conference at UCSC earlier this quarter, I can see these qualities applied to both the students of Cape Town and Santa Cruz.


The Dehumanizing Trend of Culturally Insensitive Costumes 

As Halloween approaches, the pages of UC Santa Cruz’s Facebook network have hosted a number of conversations about costumes. One in particular focused on Native American costumes and their popularity contributing to issues of cultural insensitivity. A simple search for “Indian costume” on the Internet is telling — the first page of results on Google Shopping reads “tribal tease Indian,” “tribal treat” and “sexy Native American temptress.”

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