MEASURE 64 – Physical Education Amendment

Shall the undergraduate and graduate students of UCSC provide additional funding to sustain and enhance the Physical Education department offered through the Office of Physical Education, Recreation and sports (OPERS) by increasing Measure 32 by $8.00 per student per quarter?

Yes: 80.17%

No: 19.83%

MEASURE 65 – OPERS Amendment to Student Life Facilities Fee

Shall the undergraduate and graduate students of UCSC continue to provide funding to support the ongoing operation, maintenance and future improvements to all OPERS facilities, by amending and extending the $30 per student, per quarter Student Life Facilities Fee indefinitely, beginning Fall 2017?

Yes: 79.84%

No: 20.16%

MEASURE 66 – Support Student Governed Spaces

Shall the undergraduate students of UCSC vote to provide funding to maintain the Student Union, Student Media Center and Redwood Building open and operating for all students, by establishing a new fee of $10.00 per student per quarter beginning Fall 2017?

Yes: 80.31%

No: 19.69%