Videos courtesy of Banana Slug News.

Voting has begun and will close at midnight on May 23. Students can vote online at This year’s ballot includes funding referendum measures 67 and 68, amendments to the SUA constitution, SUA officer elections and opinion polls for the Career Center, Slug Support and the Student Environmental Center.

President Candidate Maxine Jimenez

President Candidate Jacob Jones

President Candidate Jane Loughboro

VP of Internal Affairs Candidate Alice Malmberg

VP of External Affairs Candidate Judith Gutiérrez

VP of Diversity & Inclusion Candidate Katherine Lê

VP of Academic Affairs Candidate Jessica Xu

VP of Student Life Candidate Tamra Owens

VP of Student Life Candidate Jennifer Santos

Jay Semana, who is a VP of Diversity and Inclusion candidate, did not participate in an interview with City on a Hill Press.