About 400 people from UC Santa Cruz and the wider academic community have signed a petition demanding a call to action against tenured history of consciousness professor Gopal Balakrishnan. The petition, “#metoo Call for Action: Gopal Balakrishnan and culture of UCSC Humanities Division,” began circulation late on June 5 and is addressed to Executive Vice Chancellor Marlene Tromp and dean of humanities Tyler Stovall.


  1. Investigation into potential faculty failure to report Gopal Balakrishnan alleged conduct including accusation of sexual assault, harassment, violence, gender discrimination and drug use with students.

2. Accountability of the UC Santa Cruz humanities division and clear outline of steps to prevent recurrence of alleged sexual assault and harassment by Balakrishnan.

3. Termination of Balakrishnan and/or faculty vote on his role as an educator and involvement in campus community.

4. University to agree to the Union Auto Workers Local 2865 demands.

5.Those involved in public support of Balakrishnan issue a public apology and that literature professor Christopher Connery apologize for his comments in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Chronicle of Higher Education.