During this past year and a half, there has not been one moment to step back and process what’s happening. There’s only been time to react. As we come back to an in-person campus, we have the ability to not only take care of ourselves and process the change around us, but care for the people around us.

There are people in need, people who are more vulnerable than ourselves — who all deserve to feel safe in their environment and affirmed in their community. People who have different needs, opinions, thoughts, and perspectives. As we suddenly re-enter into communities that we haven’t been a part of for the past year and a half, surrounding ourselves with people is a more daunting task than usual.

Coming into the new academic year, there is a lot of uncertainty. At all universities, not just UC Santa Cruz, the way students and educators approach the year is changing. Though, amongst this change, there is the opportunity for rebuilding campus communities better than they were before. The resources on campus aren’t always able to provide help to the individual student, which means that students have to look elsewhere to find support that suits them best. 

College wasn’t designed to heal your mental state, but to push it. In a year like this, it won’t be easy. But when it feels like college doesn’t have your back, student organizations can be a space where all students can find support and a community that fosters care and collaboration. This year we encourage students, and ourselves, to find and create communities that care for each other. Be a space where students find peace, reliability, and safety. Here at City on a Hill Press, we’re moving forward with a vision focused on caring for our people. We’re here to provide the stories you care about; written, edited, and illustrated by the people we care about.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Sam Glover and Merri Hansen