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22 Sep 2023

Navigating Resource Centers at UCSC 

African American Cultural and Resource Center (AARCC)  Thirty years after its inception as UCSC’s first ethnic resource center, the African American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC) focuses on the personal and academic growth of students within the African diaspora. AARCC hosts Black Academy, a program…

COLA Strike

The Fight for a COLA 

Classes were cancelled, while the base of campus was flooded with strikers, supporters, and​​ alumni. This was all in the effort of teaching assistants (T.A.s) obtaining a cost of living adjustment (COLA). For a moment in time, the entire campus was consumed by the excitement…

A photo illustration of figures playing a sport on OPERS field.

All Things Athletic 

Welcome to Campus, Sport: So, you’ve moved your belongings into your shiny new room and said goodbye to your loved ones. Now, you’re flipping through the pages of this Primer wondering what you’ll do with your free time this year. For those of you who…

A map of bus routes, includes the campus loop, 10, 18, 20, 22, 15, and 19 routes.

Getting Around Santa Cruz 

For the upperclassmen veterans who have fond memories of shuffling onto the loop bus, some things may have changed in the last 18 months. Whether you’re still questioning which bus you have to show your ID for, or have that locked down in your muscle…


Meet the 2021-2022 SUA 

The UC Santa Cruz student union assembly (SUA) election determines who represents the student body for the upcoming year. They communicate with students on a variety of public issues through events, discussions, and debates. Here are the elected officials representing you for the 2021-2022 academic…

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