The UC Santa Cruz student union assembly (SUA) election determines who represents the student body for the upcoming year. They communicate with students on a variety of public issues through events, discussions, and debates. Here are the elected officials representing you for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Letter from your SUA president:

Shivika Sivakumar SUA President

Leader and Main spokesperson for the student body.

I hope you’re continuing to stay safe and taking care of your mental health. To the first years and transfer community, welcome to the University of California, Santa Cruz! We have been through a lot and yet here we are a year later, still resilient and stronger than ever. It has been a long year of change, reform, reflection, and now hope!

Thank you to every single one of you for helping keep the Slug community strong. I was honored last year to serve as your Student Body President and am proud to say we were able to complete all promised aspects of the C-H-A-N-G-E initiative, including establishing the first ever student-led crisis communication team, student-run campus wide newsletter SlugScoop, and student government led mobile application Slugline. It’s no longer hoping for change, because change is happening all around us. It’s now time to sustain these changes with H-O-P-E for a better, brighter, and more united future where health, opportunities, progress, and environment are our primary focus. Our goals include reconnecting students and bringing back the Slug spirit, refocusing the community and improving campus climate, and reimagining efforts through research and advocacy!

With change being the only constant in my life as an Indian Air Force Officer’s daughter, adaptability is my forte. I am excited to continue my journey as a servant leader another year and can’t wait to get to know y’all further! Please reach out to me any time you need help, support, or just want to say hi!

Shivika Sivakumar

Kayla Gomez Vice President of Internal Affairs.

Primary coordinator for campus-wide SUA events. Oversees the internal operations of SUA.

CHP: What are your goals for your time on SUA?

KG: My goals as Internal Vice President include providing more mentorship and support to the Student Committee on Committees (SCOC), strengthening communication across campus entities, collaborating with organizations to support our historically underrepresented student populations, and working with the SUA Parliamentarian and Vision Committee to ensure SUA continues to be inclusive and accessible. In addition, some of the issues I’m concerned about and inspired to support are students’ access to adequate mental health and other basic needs resources and the further disconnect that students who are continuing their studies remotely may experience.

María Dolores Castillo Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion.

Communicates with resource centers, student organizations.  They organize all programs and events on issues of diversity.

CHP: Why did you run for this position?

MDC: I ran for SUA Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion because I have grown a passion toward building an equitable, just, and inclusive environment for everyone around me. Whether it be through in-person interactions, online meetings, or phone calls. Everyone in society deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Everyone deserves to live in a world where they are valued and included.

Dora Rasch Vice President of Academic Affairs

Makes sure students fill campus committees and promote events. 

CHP: For an upcoming year that is filled with uncertainty, how do you plan to support students?

DR: My goal is to strengthen transparency and connection between students, faculty, and administration — I believe that students’ personal and educational experiences will be improved if they are well represented on our university’s decision making bodies such as the Academic Senate.

Jimmy Gomez Vice President Student Affairs

Organizes events for the student body and publicizes outreach of events.

CHP: What advice would you give to incoming students?

JG: College is an accumulation of several emotions. From nervousness to excitement, students should take advantage of opportunities that shine a light on their individualism. Doing so will provide the most invigorating and rewarding feeling. Students should not perform based on the expectations heaped upon others and instead pave their own path. These personal objectives can truly be accomplished with the support from advisors, friends, family, and existing resources designed to reach our end goal: graduation.

Rojina Bozorgnia Vice President of External Affairs.

Coordinates Social Media and in-person initiatives, represents the SUA to outside organizations.

CHP:How will you work to provide a safe space for students to voice their concerns?

RB: Ensuring that SUA meetings are a space where students are comfortable should be a priority for not only the executive officers, but for the assembly representatives as well. As I was once a student too intimidated to speak up on issues facing myself and my peers, I strive to make the space more open, welcoming, and inclusive. I hope to achieve this by inviting various student groups into the space and supporting them as they present their ideas or air their concerns, and providing context for any ongoing discussions or projects we’re taking on to make sure everyone feels included. A safe and equitable SUA where all feel welcome and encouraged to speak their minds is imperative when it comes to achieving our goals as a group.