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03 Dec 2023

‘Transcending Our Wounds of Oppression’ 

Representation in higher education matters, and Engaging Education (e2) has been working to go beyond simply admitting students from historically underrepresented communities through its Student Initiated Outreach (SIO) weekend — striving to give underrepresented students the resources, visibility and community of support they need to...

Illuminating Education 

After two hate crimes against Filipino students at UC Santa Cruz, students of color unified and mobilized to create Engaging Education (e2). In spring 2000, a Stevenson affiliate threw empty alcohol bottles at prospective UCSC students during A Step Forward, now one of e2’s student-initiated...

“We need our people here.” 

By Georgina Sandoval For three days and two nights, 85 admitted high school students visited UC Santa Cruz to experience student life through Engaging Education’s (e2) Student-Initiated Outreach (SIO) programs last week. The three programs — Destination Higher Education (DHE), A Step Forward (ASF) and...

Q&A With Dr. Cornel West 

Before his keynote address at “Speaker Blowout: Ferguson, Racism and the Media,” Dr. Cornel West sat down with a student media representative. Student Media: To start off, I wanted to ask you about your experience. As an academic and lifelong activist, what would you say to...
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