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26 Sep 2023

Just be Yourself 

Everyone wants to be liked, but what if one’s fear of not having control over that leads to serious health effects? How does one regain the strength to find happiness and acceptance in themselves physically and mentally? For UC Santa Cruz third-year Maris Degener, the answer…


Showcasing Environmental Activism 

The relationship between art and environmental change was the center of the April 21 annual Earth Summit, which featured keynote performances by spoken word poet and UC Santa Cruz alumna Terisa Siagatonu and the Climate Music Project. The event celebrated student sustainability efforts and encouraged…


Bluegrass & Beyond 

The fog cleared and the sun made a rare debut over Golden Gate Park on Saturday at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco. Over 750,000 people packed into less than two square miles of land for the free, three-day event from Friday through…


Eaten to a Pulp 

Between the chrome tinsel, black fur frames, fifty-six cherries hanging from the wall and red satin draped over a small parlor table and chair, everything in the exhibit was eye-catching. And that was not even part of her photography. In a 200 square-foot space, UC…


A Digital Universe 

“Can you imagine organizing on the internet to save your building, stop a war or start a labor movement?” A digital 9-year-old girl urges viewers to consider the possibilities the “world-wide web” has to offer. This fictional character is one of three hosts in the…


Recurring Motifs 

On the outskirts of the Felix Kulpa Gallery and Sculpture Garden sits Michael Leeds’ “Junk-yard angel,” a motorcycle-shaped sculpture composed entirely of found materials. Leeds uses scrap metal he collects and melds himself, but also incorporates miscellaneous household objects such as toasters, vacuum cleaners and…

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